There are numerous benefits that you can achieve from professional renovation services both in your office, commercial establishment and home. Besides just giving the building a new striking appeal, renovations are also a convenient and cost-effective option for improving the overall value of the property. If you are thinking of re-sale, renovation is always the best way to attract a better price for the property.

Whether the building is several decades or just a few years’ old, conducting renovations will help you restore its glory without incurring huge costs. Professional renovation services will ensure that all likely problems are effectively diagnosed and fixed before they degenerate into bigger issues. This can significantly cut down the cost of repairs while also extending the lifespan of the building.

Proper office, commercial and residential renovation can also help with ensuring maximum use of space. On the other hand, renovations also entail improving the efficiency of various electrical appliances like, AC and lighting, which helps with energy conservation.

Renovation Service Singapore is the right partner that you can always trust for professional and tailor made renovation solutions for commercial, residential and other kinds of buildings. We are a group of building renovation experts with experience in the industry to always deliver highly reliable workmanship in every project. By hiring our company for building renovations, you are also guaranteed fair rates tailored to your budget.

Our Renovation Services

Office Renovation

At Renovation Service Singapore, we specialize in a wide range of office renovation services to enable you achieve a more conducive and fulfilling work space. Our company handles several aspects of office renovations for both old and new work spaces. Our goal is to provide a working area that will not only impress your employees but, also give the business an edge. These include;

Office Interior Design

Through our office interior design services, our professionals will be able to decorate the space with specific accents that you need to bring out the desired theme therein.

Office Space Planning

Whether your work space is too squeezed or spacious, we can offer the best office space planning services to ensure the maximum use of every inch.

Office Carpentry

Our company also has professional carpenters to design and build unique pieces of office furniture that you may need in your work space. Regardless of the available space, we can provide the best office carpentry solutions for desks, chairs, cabinets and other furniture.

Office Furnishing

To give your work space a distinctive touch of beauty and comfort, we also offer tailor made office furnishing services.

Office Electrical Works

We provide professional office electrical works for new work spaces and old ones undergoing improvements. In this category, we can help you with installations, repair and replacement of office electrical components including, cables, switches, meter boxes among others.

Office Lighting

Whether you are thinking of adding more lights or changing the ones in your office, our company can always provide the best office lighting solutions.

Office Reinstatement

Our company can also assist with reinstating your former office to save you from all the hassles of moving. Regardless of the size, we can always deliver the best office reinstatement services.

Commercial Renovation

Our building renovation services also cover several types of commercial establishments. Through our commercial renovation services, you will be able to easily create a conducive work space that even your customers will feel safe visiting. Our commercial renovation services include;

Shop Renovation

Our company offers professional shop renovation services for small, medium and large sized shops.

Church Renovation

At Renovation Service Singapore, we also provide the best church renovation services for all types of churches across Singapore.

Restaurant Renovation

Whether your restaurant is looking old or simply needs a few improvements, we can deliver the best restaurant renovation to bring out the desired appeal.

Bar Renovation

If you operate a bar, our bar renovation services are recommended for making the establishment more appealing and comfortable to guests.

Salon Renovation

Our company also conducts professional salon renovation works for small, medium and highly luxurious salons across Singapore.

Spa Renovation

A spa is a very expensive establishment and, the best way to preserving it in proper condition over time is through our professional spa renovation services.

Hotel Renovation

At Renovation Service Singapore, we also offer professional hotel renovation services for all kinds of hotel facilities in Singapore.

Clinic Renovation

We also provide clinic renovation services for several health facilities including private and public clinics.

School Renovation

Our school renovation works are always a great way to maintaining a conducive learning environment for students.

A and A Works

In case you are planning to perform modifications or changes to your business premises, our company can also provide tailor made A & A works for the desired results.

Reinstatement Works

With us, you no longer have to worry about reinstatement works for your former business space too because; we can also professionally handle all the activities on your behalf.

Residential Renovation

At Renovation Service Singapore, we are also the go-to professionals for residential renovation services. Our residential renovation services cover a wide range of areas and aspects to enable you get a home that perfectly suits your needs, tastes and style. These include;

Home Renovation and Interior Design

Our home renovation and interior design services cater for the following;

Living Room Renovation

Our experts can also provide the best living room renovation services to create an inviting and comfortable space in your home.

Kitchen Renovation

Our company can also perform professional kitchen renovations to help you create an appealing and functional cooking area.

Bathroom and Toilet Renovation

With us, you can also get the best bathroom and toilet renovation services for a more relaxing bathing experience.

Bedroom Renovation

Even if you need slight improvements in the sleeping areas, our company can still deliver the right bedroom renovation services to meet your requirements.

Exterior Renovation

We also provide exterior renovation services, covering a wide range of exterior features of residential buildings.

Window Renovation

Our company also performs professional window renovation services for all kinds of residential developments.

Roof Renovation

Our roof renovation services are always an ideal solution to leaks, rust and other sorts of roof damage.

Flooring and Tiling Renovation

At Renovation Service Singapore, we also offer flooring and tiling renovation for homes.

Other Services

We understand there are several other residential renovation services that you might still need apart from the ones above. Thus, our portfolio also includes the following;

Interior Design

Interior design is always an important aspect of renovation that helps with giving the interior space a more attractive and stylish appeal. It not only sets the tone for the decor but, also gives the entire space a striking appeal that will no doubt charm every guest. Our interior design services are categorized into the following classes;

Interior Design Types

To deliver unique tastes and styles in interior design, we offer diverse interior design types including;

Interior Design Packages

Owing to the diversity in the kinds and designs of residential buildings in Singapore, we offer different interior design packages. These include;

3D Interior Design

Our 3D interior design services are the best for those who wish to create highly luxurious and extravagant interior living spaces.

HDB Interior Design

Our company also offers special HDB interior design services, which are specifically formulated for HDB establishments.

Our Blog

At Renovation Service Singapore, we remain committed to offering highly reliable and lasting renovation solutions for all kinds of residential and commercial buildings in Singapore. That is why we also have a dedicated blog where you can easily get professional insights on renovation activities at your own convenience.

Why Choose Renovation Service Singapore

Many businesses and home owners in Singapore rely on us for renovations because of the greater satisfaction that we deliver in every project. By choosing Renovation Service Singapore to renovate your home, office or commercial building, you are always guaranteed the following;

Our company has its own engineers, carpenters, designers and other personnel to independently handle every project from start to finish within the given deadlines. Whether you need the renovation services immediately or later, we can always deliver the best at your convenience. Even after performing the work, we can still conduct follow ups to ensure that all your expectations are met.

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