Landed House Renovation

Landed houses are a favourite housing unit for many families in Singapore due to their spacious settings and, also the freedom that they offer residents in terms of modifications. Whether you have lived in your landed house for some time or just bought the property recently, landed house renovation is always the best option for its enhancing its integrity.

Unlike other DIY tasks that you can easily perform with the help of family members, renovating a landed house is a challenging project that always requires an expert for success. At Renovation Service Singapore, we are the landed house renovation professionals that you should engage when planning to remodel the property.

Having been in the industry for many years, helping home owners and property developers with various forms of residential renovations, we have the experience to deliver tailor made workmanship for your landed house. With us, you are always guaranteed custom landed house renovation, conducted according to your personal needs and budget.

Benefits of Professional Landed House Renovation Singapore

At Renovation Service Singapore, we clearly understand the hassles involved in landed house renovations and, that is why we are here to take the load off your chest. We provide a wide range of landed house renovation services that cover both the structural and aesthetic elements of buildings to give your home the most unique and appealing transformation.

Our company has trained personnel that can effectively handle both minor and major renovation works on all kinds and sizes of landed property. Whenever you contract us for landed house refurbishment, our inspectors will fist visit the home for a thorough on-site assessment to ascertain the condition of the property.

Depending on the condition of your landed house, renovation requirements and budget, we will also discuss with you suitable alternatives for the entire project. We do this to make sure that you clearly know in advance the results. Even if you may not be sure of the best renovation approach for your property, we have experts to guide you through all the procedures.

One of the areas that we focus on while performing renovations for landed houses is restoration of structural features. In case you house has damaged or ageing roofs, walls, floors, doors, windows or other structural parts, we will effectively diagnose and repair all of them. Our engineers can also help with fixing plumbing problems in your home.

By letting us identify and fix all the structural faults in your home, you will be able to save quite a lot of money for frequent repair and maintenance works. The proper diagnosis and fixing of structural issues will also contribute greater safety to residents. On the other hand, it will also add greater value to the whole property.

While renovating your landed house, we can also conduct interior design and space planning. Using just the accents that you have in your home or any other unique pieces obtained from elsewhere, our interior designers can easily create the most fulfilling ambience to match your style. Simply talk to us for reliable landed house renovation services Singapore.

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