What is Gut Renovation or Gut Rehab Singapore

Gut renovation or gut rehab is a common phrase in building and construction but, not many people know what it really means. Whether you already own a home or still in the process of acquiring one, gut rehab is one of the procedures that will be required in order to enhance the functionality, aesthetics and overall value of the property.

Gut rehab refers to the complete refurbishment of a building. When conducting gut renovation, all the features and components of the building are re-built with the exception of the actual framed structure. While conducting the procedure, any structural defects or signs of the same are first fixed before the transformational works begin.

Performing gut rehab requires that all the structural features are carefully stripped down to give way for new installations. The aim is to not only give the building a new look, but also improve its strength for longevity. For property developers, gut rehab is always a great way to attract higher returns on investment.

Gut renovation stipulates that the building or house be revived with new wiring and electrical, plumbing systems, windows and doors, roofing, cooling and heating systems, wall finishes, ceilings, lights and lighting fixtures among other structural components. This ensures that the building is accorded the best transformation both in and out.

Things to Consider when Planning Gut Rehab

Going by the description of gut rehab given above, it is not just like any other home renovation procedure that you can simply wake up and undertake on your own. Apart from expertise in home renovation and interior design, gut rehab also requires a lot of time and money, which many home owners do readily not have.

In case you are thinking of conducting gut rehab for your home, the first thing to look into is the implications. One such implication is that you will need to find an alternative place to stay before the work is completed for convenience and safety. Besides, you should also consider the terms and conditions for residential renovations as stipulated by the relevant authorities.

In Singapore, there are strict guidelines for home refurbishment, which must be adhered to. These regulations apply to HDB flats, condominiums, DBSS and landed homes. Failure to abide by these terms and conditions when conducting gut rehab could not only jeopardise the integrity of your building but, also attract huge penalties.

Since gut renovation involves the dismantling and remodelling of all the structural features of a building, the costs can be expected to go higher than simple home improvement tasks. As such, it is important that you also look into the financial implications of every procedure to ensure that you do not end up breaking the bank for the project.

Even with all the above, you will still need a professional home renovation and interior design contractor to actualize your ideas. In fact, an expert can always save you a lot of hassles and money, while also making sure that your home is accorded custom gut renovations, tailored to your specific requirements and budget.

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