Home Renovation and Interior Design

Professional home renovation and interior design comes with lots of benefits that will not only improve the aesthetics of your living space but, also the overall value of the property. At Renovation Service Singapore, we are the experts in home renovation and interior design that you can trust to give your residence the perfect transformation.

To us, every home is unique and, that is why we emphasize on tailor made home renovation and interior design approaches in all our projects. Our company has professionals to effectively guide you through all the stages of planning and implementing your home renovation and interior design goals.

At Renovation Service Singapore, we understand there are different kinds of residential establishments in Singapore. As such, our home renovation and interior design services cater for different types of residential settlements. Whether you live in a single unit or operate a fully fledged residential property company, we can deliver the best renovation and interior design solutions.

Our Home Renovation & Interior Design Services

HDB Flats Renovation

HDB flats are among the most common residential units in Singapore. To help you maintain the appeal of your flat, we can provide the best HDB flats renovation services tailored to your precise requirements. Through our HDB flats renovation services, you can even optimize the space on the unit for ultra modern facilities.

DBSS Flats Renovation

DBSS flats renovation is one of the most challenging in Singapore owing to the strict regulations by the building authorities. And, that is why it is always advisable to let our professionals handle the refurbishment of your DBSS flats. We understand all the regulations and, will help you plan and execute a successful DBSS flats renovation project.

Condominium Renovation

At Renovation Service Singapore, we have the expertise to help you revamp your condo to reflect your lifestyle and needs. Even on a limited space, we can easily create exciting structural features and accents to give your condominium the most remarkable makeover. All our condo renovation works can be done at your own convenience.

Executive Condo Renovation

Our company also deals in executive condominium renovation for both individuals and property developers. While refurbishing the housing units, you can always choose the particular features to be included or improved for added comfort and functionality. And, our experts can also assist you in creating the most desirable plan for the entire scheme.

Executive Maisonette Renovation

An executive maisonette offers a luxurious living space that can cater for more than one family in a single unit. But, with thoughtful planning and proper executive maisonette renovation, you can even make the space more adorable and cool. At Renovation Service Singapore, we can also help you revamp your executive maisonette to create the desired environment therein.

Landed House Renovation

Owing to increasing demand on property in Singapore, a landed house is an invaluable asset that should be accorded nothing short of the best treatment. And, our landed house renovation services are the best alternative that you should pursue to effectively keep the one that you have in proper shape over time.

Tailor made Home Renovation and Interior Design Solutions

At Renovation Service Singapore, we are always very keen on delivering custom home renovation and interior design solutions that truly meet the specific needs of every client. With us, you can either opt to revamp just certain parts and features or the entire building. Our portfolio comprises of a wide range of services aimed at giving your space the required makeover.

Our company has its own engineers and personnel to effectively handle all projects from start to completion. And, we also have our own tools and equipment for home renovation and interior design to ensure that your project runs smoothly within the given deadlines. Even if you are unsure of the best refurbishment approach for your home, our experts can always offer assistance for informed decision making in every stage of the project.

Before we start your home renovation and interior design project, our inspectors will visit the property to conduct an assessment. Based on the condition of the building, your specific needs and budget, we will also engage you on the most suitable approaches to know exactly what we will be offering in advance.

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