Residential Renovation

There are numerous benefits that both home owners and residential property developers can achieve from renovating their buildings. The main aim of residential renovation is to enhance the beauty and functionality of living spaces. Remodelling your home will not only create a comfortable and luxurious environment therein but, also significantly improve the overall value of the property.

Owing to the innovative home renovation solutions available today, the makeover can also go a long way in cutting down electricity bills. A home renovation expert can implement modern energy saving strategies to help with reducing the cost of electricity. On the other hand, residential renovation can also provide suitable space optimization approaches to efficiently cater for all your daily living needs.

Despite the greater merits of residential renovation, success mainly depends on the project’s formulation and implementation. Renovation Service Singapore offers professional residential renovation services for all kinds of living spaces. We serve both individual home owners and residential property companies. Through our experience, we can always help you in creating and implementing the best residential renovation solutions for your home.

Our Residential Renovation Services Portfolio

Home Renovation and Interior Design

At Renovation Service Singapore, we specialize in tailor made home renovation and interior design services for various kinds of residential developments. Our home renovation and interior design services cover the following types of residential units;

Whether you need home renovation and interior design for just a single unit or the entire development, our company has the expertise and tools to provide the best quality workmanship.

Living Room Renovation

If you are looking for a way to revamp the feel of your living room, our living room renovation services is the best way to go. Regardless of the configuration and size of the living room, we can renovate all its practical and aesthetic elements to create the desired environment across the space.

Kitchen Renovation

Our kitchen renovation services are ideal for optimizing the cooking area and, adding a unique touch of beauty therein. We can help you with creating a suitable plan and, also refurbishing the entire set up of the kitchen to specifically reflect your cooking needs and the decor of the home.

Bathroom and Toilet Renovation

Bathrooms and toilets are very critical areas whose refurbishment requires a professional. And, that is why our company also has a team of bathroom and toilet renovation experts to help you keep the facilities in peak condition. We can renovate your bathroom and toilet with unique features for convenience and safety in using them.

Bedroom Renovation

With our bedroom renovation services, you can easily revamp all the sleeping areas in your home to your specific tastes and preferences. While performing bedroom renovation, we can either revamp the space to portray a unique theme or blend in with the accents in other parts of the home.

Exterior Renovation

In case your home is spotting ageing walls, overgrown vegetation or even littered pathways, our exterior renovation services is the most appropriate option for reviving its appeal. We can offer quality restoration work; removal of litter from areas that are hard to reach and also trimming the plants on the landscape for the perfect facelift to your home’s exterior space.

Window Renovation

Window renovation is an important procedure for ensuring better penetration of light into the rooms and, improving the overall aesthetics of the home. Our company offers custom window renovation services that can also help you save quite a lot of money in terms of energy costs.

Roof Renovation

Our roof renovation services cater for several aspects including, repair and replacement of roofing parts and materials. Even if you may want to change the entire roof of your home, our experts are conversant with the best approaches to ensure that the procedure is conducted in greater safety and at your own convenience.

Flooring and Tiling Renovation

Our company also offers professional flooring and tiling renovation solutions that you can easily acquire in case the floors and tiles in your home are ageing or damaged. In fact, we can even help you revamp the entire flooring and tiling with unique materials to create the required appeal in your living spaces.

Other Services

At Renovation Service Singapore, we believe that residential renovation is an elaborate procedure that not only focuses on the areas mentioned above. Thus, our portfolio goes a notch hire to cater for several other services, which you will also need to give your residence the desired makeover. These include;

Regardless of the particular renovation services that you choose above, our company is always committed to delivering quality work that will truly meet your specific expectations. In fact, we can even assist you in choosing the most appropriate residential renovation procedures that will give your space and property a unique and lasting transformation.

Why Hire Renovation Service Singapore for Residential Renovation

As our company’s name suggests, we are the best contractor for residential renovation Singapore that you should engage when thinking of revamping your residential establishment. We have trained personnel with many years’ experience in residential renovation to effectively manage your project from start to completion within the stipulated timeframe.

By choosing Renovation Service Singapore to refurbish your home, you are always guaranteed the following;

  • Skilled workmanship
  • Tailor made residential renovation solutions
  • Highly reliable services offered at your own convenience
  • Pocket friendly rates for every budget

In every residential renovation project that you contract us to undertake, we will give you the absolute authority to dictate how each procedure is conducted. Besides, our professionals will also suggest efficient and cost-effective measures for informed decision making and convenience.

Even if you are not ready to perform the renovations at the moment, we can still help you with proper planning for the project. Talk to us today for an obligation free residential renovation quotation.

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