Zen Interior Design and Style

The Zen interior design and style is believed to have originated from Asia with a greater bearing to Buddhist principles. As such, it is one of the most popular types of interior design and style in Singapore, expressed both in living spaces and work environments. The Zen interior design mainly emphasizes on promoting a sense of serenity, peace and tranquillity.

Unlike other extravagant interior design types, the Zen style advocates for a simple set up that portrays proper balance between beauty and harmony. The relaxed feel of a Zen interior makes it an ideal approach for those looking to create a more tranquil environment, which also offers both physical and psychological health benefits.

Despite the relatively simple appeal of a Zen interior design and style, developing it requires a better understanding of interior decor trends, which is a reserve of interior design artists. At Renovation Service Singapore, we provide professional interior design services and, can always assist you in making your dreams of a Zen interior design come true.

The Main Elements of Zen Interior Design and Style

Although the Zen interior design and style has strong links with the Japanese and Buddhist cultures, it is not only a reserve for people from such origins. The design integrates various accents in an attractive and peaceful layout that appeals to different people, living as well as work spaces. The concept is mainly pegged onto the aspects of balance and harmony in interior decor.

The Zen interior design and style emphasize on the use of neutral and earthly colours that portray inspiration and a feel of the natural environment. Examples of the popular colours include beige, green, brown, and grey, white among others. These colours have significant psychological effects that induce a sense of calmness and relaxation.

Developing this interior design and style also requires silky and smooth textures, which exhibit the attitude of love and kindness, advocated for by Buddhist principles. Woolen rugs in lighter palettes can be great in achieving the desired textures. A Zen interior also focuses on clean and spacious settings without clutter.

When choosing furniture for a Zen interior, it is advisable to get pieces with simple and basic features. Furniture made of sustainable materials is always the best due to their depiction of the natural environment. The furniture should have minimal enhancements and finishes that compliment the other accents and decorations across the rooms.

Simple furniture will work great in creating convenient relaxation space. For a softer appeal, the furniture can be aligned with matching pillows, fleece covers, headboards, upholstery and rugs. Besides, furniture pieces like, chairs, sofas, tables and even beds should be placed adjacent to the windows or other openings that supply natural light into the interiors.

Another key element of Zen interiors that you may also want to consider is plants. Using plants in the decor are important for creating harmony between the indoor and outdoor environments. In case you need professional help with creating a Zen interior design and style for your home or office, simply get in touch with us.

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