Office Furnishing

Office furnishing is one of the areas that most people do not usually look into when setting up or renovating work spaces. In fact, a number of office owners consider it a luxury only reserved for prestigious offices, which is not true. Office furnishing is an integral component of work space layout, offering inherent aesthetic and functional benefits.

At Renovation Service Singapore, we offer all-inclusive office furnishing services that will enable you to easily improve the beauty, comfort and usability of your work space. Our services cover a wide range of areas including, furniture and decorative accents, all aimed at creating a more attractive, luxurious and friendly atmosphere in the office.

We always pursue different approaches in office furnishing but, every aspect always depends on the specific needs of the client. With us, you are always guaranteed tailor made office furnishing solutions, which are specifically aligned to your requirements, business and budget. At Renovation Service Singapore, your satisfaction is always our greatest concern.

Custom Office Furnishing Solutions

Our company understands that every office is unique and, that is why we always pursue a unique approach in every project. Before we start working on the furnishings, we will first note down all your requirements and expectations. Additionally, we will also conduct a preliminary examination of the office space.

While conducting office furnishing, we mainly focus on functionality and aesthetics. Based on our experience, we will also discuss with you the best approaches for furnishing your work space. In fact, our professionals will even assist you in choosing the best quality and fairly priced furnishings that can work for your space and budget.

Depending on the condition of the office, your requirements and budget, there are various kinds of office furnishings that we can offer. One of the most important furnishings is office furniture. We can design and build a wide range of office furniture including, desks, chairs and fixtures.

Office desks and chairs are important furniture that you will need for every section of the office. At Renovation Service Singapore, we provide office desks in different configurations for every space. Whether you need free standing desks, conference tables or reception desks, we can always create the best pieces for your work space.

In office furnishing, we also offer modular workstations. The main benefit of modular workstations is that they can be used for both work and storage, making them quite versatile. We can always build office cubicles in flexible configurations, which can be easily adapted to new developments in the office. In fact, these are the best for dynamic work environments.

For harmony, we will also design and construct chairs that complement the desks and cubicles. The chairs will be developed with specific features and finishes that reflect those of the other furniture in the office. We offer office chairs in a wide range of styles and dimensions based on the available space and decor.

Our office furniture comes in both simple and sophisticated designs that you can also choose depending on your budget and personal style. Besides, we also take into account the aspect of ergonomics to ensure that all the furniture for your office is safe and comfortable. Even if you need a special design, we can still deliver hand crafted furniture developed from scratch.

Apart from the pieces of furniture discussed above, we can also design and install lockers and cabinets for your office storage needs. These can be installed in various sections of the office to cater for work and personal items. Even if you have space limitations, we can still craft suitable lockers and cabinets for all your items.

We can also construct stylish shelves to help with storage and, expressing beauty across the space. Shelves are mainly suitable for offices that do not have adequate space for cupboards and cabinets. The shelves can be fitted in personal offices and other areas for storage and, also displaying company materials like, medals and decorations.

Besides office furnishing, our company offers tailor made office interior design, carpentry, lighting, space planning and electrical services, which are also very important when refurbishing an office. At Renovation Service Singapore, we always strive to deliver highly convenient office furnishing services at pocket friendly rates for every budget.

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