DBSS Flats Renovation

Similar to HDB flats, DBSS (Design, Build and Sell Scheme) flats are also a preferred housing unit by many families in Singapore. This is mainly because of their cost-effectiveness, offering households ample living spaces at affordable rates. However, living in these housing units can only be fun if they are maintained in proper condition.

In Singapore, where land continues to be scarce, owning a DBSS flat is a great investment that you should protect in the best way that you can. At Renovation Service Singapore, we offer professional DBSS flats renovation services to help you maintain the visual appeal and functionality of the establishment for many years to come.

In our work, we are always very keen on understanding the unique needs of our clients and offering expert advice before any project is started to ensure that you get tailor made DBSS flats renovation solutions. In fact, we can even provide specific DBSS flats renovation services customized to the budget that you have.

Benefits of Professional DBSS Flats Renovation

Unlike HDB flats, DBSS flats renovation usually has certain eligibility standards by the Housing and Development Board that must be met before any work is done. As such, the task can be quite daunting. And, that is one of the main reasons you always need the help of a professional when planning to refurbish your DBSS flat.

At Renovation Service Singapore, we have many years experience in home renovation and interior design and, perfectly understand all the industry requirements for the procedures. Through this experience and our expertise in DBSS flats refurbishment, we will effectively guide you in formulating and executing an ideal renovation plan for your unit.

Our company specializes in all-inclusive DBSS flats renovation services that cater for both structural and aesthetic elements of the housing units. This will enable you to create the most desirable atmosphere that you need across the entire space. Besides, our renovation works can also save you a lot of money with regards to the cost of frequent repairs and maintenance.

Whenever you contract us to provide renovation services for your DBSS flat, we will first conduct a thorough inspection on the entire unit. Depending on the condition of the building, your budget and requirements, we can either provide comprehensive renovation for the whole property or specific procedures on selected components.

While conducting refurbishment, we will fix all the structural features that look old or damaged. This will not only enhance the safety standards on the flat but, also lengthen the lifespan of the entire property. On the other hand, the repairs that we perform will also significantly cut your spending on home maintenance.

With our DBSS flats renovation, you can also get a professional interior designer to help you plan and set up the required theme in your home. Our interior design specialists can either revamp the whole setting or develop certain unique fixtures, creating an inviting and luxurious feel therein. We remain committed to delivering the best workmanship tailored to your unique preferences and lifestyle.

Simply talk to us for the best DBSS flats renovation Singapore.

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