Renovation Vs. Remodel Singapore

Remodelling and renovation are common terms in the building and construction industry. While the terms are often used interchangeably, they have quite distinct meanings. As a home owner or property developer, it is very important that you know what each of these two terms refers to so as to avoid confusion when seeking to refurbish your building.

Knowing the difference between renovation and remodel will also help you communicate your ideas effectively when hiring a contractor for the procedures.

What is Renovation?

Renovation refers to restoration to a good state of repair. Houses that are poorly maintained and dilapidated are usually considered to be in a position of disrepair, which renovation seeks to negate. Renovating a building means reviving it to a condition that can be fixed. Renovation usually entails minor improvements or replacement of worn out features of a building so it looks new and last longer.

In case you are renovating a bathroom, the procedures may involve refreshing the paintwork and tiling, replacing the sinks, toilets and showers without altering the plumbing and electrical systems. For houses that are outdated, renovation can always be a cost-effective option to give them a fresh and inviting look.

In terms of costs, renovation is usually cheaper than remodelling since it mainly involves minor improvements. Since renovation procedures are not deeply entrenched into the structural features of a building, even the estimation of related costs of materials and labour is much easier. In fact, there are some renovations that you can even perform independently without necessarily hiring a renovation contractor.

What is Remodelling?

Unlike renovation, remodelling is aimed at changing the form or structure of a building or sections of it. For example, if you are thinking or remodelling your bedroom, you are seeking to alter its appearance. Remodelling a building is aimed at changing the looks, structure and functionality of the rooms or spaces therein.

Remodelling works are conducted with the sole goal of transforming the existing plans and designs of rooms to reflect a different kind of appeal or serve certain uses. When seeking remodelling, it is important to also consider the items in the house like, equipment that most contractors fail to consider in their quotations.

Considering the major changes to a building that can be achieved with remodelling, the costs of such projects are relatively higher than renovation. On the other hand, remodelling will also require you to obtain permits from the relevant authorities before the project is started. Due to the detailed nature of remodelling tasks, they always require a professional.


Even with the clear distinctions between renovation and remodelling discussed above, some people may still find it hard deciding the best treatments for their buildings. When choosing between the two procedures, it is important that you clearly understand your specific needs and budget. If you have a limited budget, renovation would be the best approach. However, you should go for a procedure that will effectively meet your needs without putting you through unnecessary financial strain.

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