Resale HDB Renovation Package

HDB is one of the main types of residential housing in Singapore that are in quite high demand today. However, you can only fetch a better price on the property if it is in proper condition at the time of resale. One of the best alternatives for giving the property an attractive makeover is through professional home renovation services.

The main aim of resale HDB refurbishment is to restore the structural features and aesthetics of the property for greater value or returns on investment. As a result of this, the project not only requires proper planning but, also an expert who truly understands what it takes to conduct a thorough resale HDB renovation

At Renovation Service Singapore, we offer the best resale HDB renovation package that caters for minor and major refurbishment works at amazingly affordable rates. One of the unique benefits of our resale HDB renovation package is that it offers you the opportunity to choose where, how and when the renovations should be done based on your targets and budget.

What a Resale HDB Renovation Package Offers

Whether your HDB is ageing or simply need minor facial modifications, our resale HDB renovation package is the most ideal solution to impacting a higher value on the property. Although our company mainly focuses on tailor made resale HDB renovation, we always recommend comprehensive refurbishment procedures, covering all the functional and aesthetic elements of the property.

By obtaining our resale HDB renovation package, you are guaranteed professional help in formulating a suitable plan for the entire project. We provide professional consultation and design proposal to enable you make the best decisions on ideal approaches for the renovation of your resale HDB.

Depending on your expectations, we will also offer space planning and 3D computerized Perspective Drawing, product and material proposal. To give you an easier time and also help with cutting down operational costs, the resale HDB renovation package additionally caters for on-site supervision and management of the entire project from start to completion.

With this package, you can also get demolition services to help with pulling down and revamping structural features of the building. Our resale HDB renovation package also caters for various kinds of masonry work including, flooring and waterproofing. We will supply all the required materials and, also construct the specific features that you need on the flat.

We also provide plumbing services with a focus on supply and installation of parts. In case the flat requires electrical works, we can also handle the reinstatement of the wiring components, lights and lighting fixtures, supply and installation of instant heating equipment among other electrical needs.

Apart from the services discussed above, our resale HDB renovation package also caters for carpentry works, door and ceiling work as well as painting services for the whole unit. For resale HDB renovation projects that require supply of materials, we are always keen to provide the best quality that are long lasting, affordable and HDB approved.

We understand the essence of time when it comes to resale HDB renovation and, have put in place a team of professionals and equipment to always respond to your needs and conduct all the required modifications in the shortest time. Despite the size of the project, we always guarantee reliable workmanship, delivered at your own convenience.

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