Other Home Renovation Services

At Renovation Service Singapore, we provide all inclusive residential renovation services aimed at enabling you give your home the perfect makeover that you desire. We understand there are certain seemingly simple home refurbishment tasks that you may be tempted to work on independently. But, such actions could only leave you with regrets.

Our company has strategically positioned itself to take proper care of all your residential refurbishment needs with a guarantee of satisfactory results in every project.

Other Home Renovation Services

Painting Services

Whether you are thinking of repainting old and fading spaces or simply changing the existing paintwork, our company can always provide the best painting services to match the theme of your home as well as budget. We offer professional painting services for walls, ceilings among other structural parts and surfaces.

Plumbing Services

The plumbing system is an important component of your home that should always be kept in the best working condition. And, the most effective option to ensuring that is through our professional plumbing services. Depending on the condition of your home’s plumbing system and needs, we can either refurbish it or introduce new modifications to make sure that it functions effectively.

Window Services

At Renovation Service Singapore, we also specialize in the supply and installation of window grilles and gates. We can provide the best quality materials and, also go ahead to install them in all the required spaces across your home. Our company always emphasizes on highly durable, low maintenance and elegant window grilles and gates that will truly improve the value of the entire property.

Electrical Services

Our company also has trained electricians with many years’ experience in electrical works to provide professional workmanship for your home. We can conduct repairs, replacement and installation of new electrical components for energy efficiency. In all our electrical services, we always uphold all the stipulated industry regulations to also make sure that the wok goes on smoothly without any safety risks.

Lighting Services

When thinking of refurbishing the lights in your home, we can also help with formulating an ideal lighting plan and its implementation. We have experience in a wide range of lighting works and services to ensure that your home is given a remarkable makeover. Our professionals can also advice you on the most suitable alternatives to enhance the aesthetics of the home and save energy.

Why Choose Renovation Service Singapore

All the services discussed above usually require a lot of expertise, which you may not readily posses. And, that is one of the reasons most homeowners rely on us for residential renovation services. By contracting our company for the above services, you are always guaranteed the following;

  • Professional workmanship
  • High quality products
  • Reliable services offered at your own convenience
  • Affordable rates tailored to every budget

At Renovation Service Singapore, we also have a friendly and dedicated Customer Support team to carefully listen to all your needs and, provide lasting solutions. Whether you need painting, plumbing, electrical, window or lighting services, simply talk to us for free consultation and quotation.

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