HDB Renovation Guidelines Singapore

HDB flats are public housing facilities and, there are clear guidelines by the Housing Development Board that must be followed during their renovation. Conducting renovations on your flat without having all the stipulated regulations in place could not only result into fines but, also other huge penalties.

Despite the kind of renovations that you wish to undertake on your flat, it is always advisable that you first know all the regulations for the activities. The guidelines clearly set out the requirements for various forms of renovation works and, can be quite useful in laying out an ideal plan for the project.

Key Areas Highlighted in the HDB Renovation Guidelines

Building Works

The building works guidelines are aimed at making sure that the structural features of the building are not compromised during the renovations. It highlights the requirements for revamping walls and wall finishes, flooring finishes, kitchens, doors and gates, false ceilings, bathrooms and toilets, sold recess areas, awning, staircases, fish tanks, refuse chute chopper, Household Shelters, Approved rented common area among others.

Sanitary and Plumbing/ Gas Works

Although sanitary and plumbing works do not require a permit from the Housing and Development Board, there are strict terms and conditions that must be followed when conducting renovations on them. The guidelines are mainly to ensure there are proper measures in place to avoid the occurrence of issues like, gas leaks. These terms and conditions focus on wash basins, sinks, bath and shower, pipes, gas works and toilet plan.

Window Works

One of the requirements for HDB window works is that the procedures must be conducted by a contractor that is approved by the Building and Construction Authority as outlined in its Window Legislation. The guidelines for window works mainly apply to the installation or replacement of new aluminium windows, repair of existing aluminium windows, replacement of full height windows among other windows and grilles works.

Electrical Works

Electrical work is one of the highly risky jobs that should always be left to an expert. As such, they also have very strict guidelines that must be followed during HDB refurbishment. By reading these guidelines, you will be able to know the specific terms and conditions for electrical works in HDB premises. The regulations apply to all forms of electrical works including, replacement and installation of AC and other high capacity electrical appliances.

Other Important Pointers for HDB Renovation

The following are other useful tips for HDB renovation that you should also keep in mind when planning for the project;

  • All HDB flats renovation works including, those that do not require a permits should only be performed by a contractor that is registered with the Housing Development Board.
  • All home refurbishment activities that involve the demolition and hacking of walls must first be approved by the HDB in writing.
  • HDB renovation should always be conducted within the given timelines by the Housing Development Board.

To an average home owner, learning about all the HDB renovation guidelines can indeed be an uphill task. Instead of all the hassles, simply let an expert take charge of your home’s renovation. Renovation Service Singapore is the right partner to always engage when thinking of renovating your HDB flat.

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